Mahindra 6060


Mahindra 6060, 2 & 4 wheel drive

Mahindra 6060 offers 56 horsepower in either a 2 or 4 wheel drive tractor, both tractors have the facility to fit a front end loader 

More gears, more versatility

The synchromesh transmission provides smooth shifting on

the move while the 6060 2WD 15F/3R, 6060 4WD 15F

/15R and the 6075 4WD 20F/20R speeds maximise

performance with a choice of speeds.

2,200kg lift on rear linkage

Add that to the optional front end loader which can lift a massive 900kg on the 4wd version. Complete with Euro hitch mounting to easily swap between loader implements.


6060 & 6075 Brochure (pdf)